Rose location lookup

Rose provides a to-the-point overview of a device location.

Rose is our eay-to-use, instant location lookup tool for emergency and life-threatening situations.

Rose Benefits

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to deploy
  • Central authentication management
  • Location enrichment

This single purpose application provides a web-interface that allows for quick and easy lookup of the most recent location of a given IMSI or MSISDN. Using the industry standard Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) to query the mobile network, Rose will provide vital information to law enforcement on the whereabouts of a mobile device.

Rose has a single purpose and the clear layout of the application reflects this. Using the Rose web frontend requires no technical knowledge as Rose has a straight-forward input and result display. Any technical configuration can be done by an administrator on the backend.

Rose extension of EVE

Rose works as an extension of a EVE.

Rose is intimately connected to EVE and integration of Rose into the EVE ecosystem is done instantly. Rose uses EVE’s permission-based user database for authentication. It also benefits from network cell information provided by EVE to enrich the presented results with the WGS84 location.

Rose can be installed in an isolated environment and integrate with any EVE API running on a local or remote server.

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