Compliancy solutions
for telecoms operators, cable
operators and ISPs

EVE compliancy solutions

EVE compliancy solutions offers reliable Lawful Interception (LI) and Lawful Disclosure (LD) compliancy solutions for the interception of (IP) telephony, IP data and unified messaging. We work for telecommunication companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and cable operators that require an LI solution based on telecommunications regulations. EVE is market leader in the Netherlands and has a strong presence throughout Europe and the USA.

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Our EVE LI solution complies with all standards-based lawful interception handover protocols: ETSI, ATIS, Packetcable and more. We continuously keep up to date with the latest versions and perform interoperability testing on a regular basis.


We integrate with all major network vendors offering a lawful interception interface and can passively intercept numerous network protocols. We are on the forefront when it comes to new protocols like 5G mobile, (Vo)LTE and IPv6.


Our EVE solution is built on open source components and runs on off-the-shelf hardware. No need for large investments, we understand that lawful interception is not a profit center.