The EVE Lawful Disclosure solution provides standards-based delivery of all types of data requests from law enforcement agencies.


EVE LD Benefits

  • Handle all compliance requests from one solution
  • Compatible with electronic warrant interfaces (HI1)
  • Integrates with any type of database
  • Compliant with all standardized request/response interfaces
  • Serves multiple Law Enforcement Agencies from one solution

EVE Lawful Disclosure allows a telecommunications operator to flexibly respond to law enforcement requests. For customer information, call detail records, CG-NAT records, cell site records, customer contracts and any other type of information that might be legally required to produce.

Lawful Disclosure requests can be manually entered into the user-friendly GUI. Or are retrieved and sent over an electronic interface such as ETSI TS 102 657 or ETSI TS 103 120.

Our lawful interception and lawful disclosure solutions are integrated so your security staff can handle all law enforcement requests from one view.

LD Query flow and backend integration

Query flow and backend integration

EVE LD offers a configurable query flow. An example would be to first find an MSISDN based on an IMSI identifier and then use the result to retrieve a set of call detail records.

The query flows are pre-configured so an operator just has to select the type of LEA query and enter the requested identifier. Results can be submitted automatically or after operator acknowledgement.

We integrate with many flavors of backend databases. If you do not have a backend database yet we will work with you to create an Elasticsearch-based LD storage solution.

LD Results customization and audit trailing

Results customization and audit trailing

The submitted results are either handed over in standardized ETSI XML format or in customizable formats such as CSV, PDF, HTML or TXT. Intermediate and final results are stored and kept within a configurable retention time window for evidential purposes.

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