EVE TM lawful interception

We deliver the industry-leading LI solution, based on open source components and running on your preferred off-the-shelf X86 hardware platform or virtual servers.

EVE lawful interception software

Our EVE solution consists of a number of building blocks, each designed with a special network function in mind. A large number of EVE components can be used to passively intercept the production network. This offers a higher level of security (no need for network engineers to be involved with lawful interception) and a lower impact on the production network (no need for special software images or high cpu loads on your network components). EVE of course also integrates with all major network equipment vendors that offer an LI interface like Cisco, Juniper, Casa, Arris, Broadsoft, Motorola, Metaswitch, Acme Packet/Oracle, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia and Nortel/Genband.

The modular design of the EVE solution makes it extremely scalable and thus suitable for the largest carrier environments. The Role-Based Authorization functionality even allows a single EVE solution to be used by multiple (virtual) ISPs. The modular design makes it possible to place multiple Interception Functions within a network. These IFs can be utilized to cover specific areas of the network and/or for specific functions (e.g. Voice, SMTP, Cisco SII capable devices, or 10gbit Ethernet interception). Depending on the traffic load, one or multiple Delivery Functions can be deployed to collect the intercepted traffic from the IFs. A single Management Function can be deployed to administer all IF and DF modules.

At the LEA delivery side, EVE supports all commonly used regulated protocols like ETSI TS 102 232, ATIS T1.678, ATIS LAES, Packetcable CBIS and TIIT.

EVE Benefits

  • Proven, fast and flexible
  • Centralized administration via Warrant Management System
  • Compatible with electronic warrant interfaces (HI1)
  • Integrates with all network types: (IP) telephony fixed and mobile, IP data, unified messaging, LTE, VoLTE
  • Compliant with all standardized LI handover interfaces
  • Serves multiple Law Enforcement Agencies at once with role based interface
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) based on modern standards
  • Virtualization ready

EVE LEMF testing software

The EVE LEMF (Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility) software provides collection and storage of intercepted data in various handover formats. It offers an easy-to-use web interface enabling the user to perform quick analysis on the data that was stored. The EVE LEMF is typically used by EVE customers to test their EVE lawful interception setup when rolling out new services or when (regression) testing.

EVE delivers the LEMF both as a stand-alone software package and as a hosted solution.

Professional Services

Together with your engineering team, EVE will make sure the roll-out of your LI solution is done in-time and up to spec. Should customization of the software be required because of specific needs in your setup, we will work with you to create a design and specify, engineer and test the changes.