Our Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility is used by both communication service providers and law enforcement agencies to analyze communications.

The EVE LEMF software provides collection, storage and analysis of intercepted data in various handover formats. It supports a wide variety of use cases: testing of new services, validation of LI systems, automated end-to-end testing and analysis of intercepted traffic.

LEMF Collection and storage

LEMF Benefits

  • Full insight in intercepted traffic
  • Save valuable time while integration testing
  • Compatible with all IP-based handover protocols
  • Automated end-to-end testing of full LI chain

Collection and storage

The EVE LEMF accepts intercepted traffic in ETSI or 3GPP format (over TCP, TLS, UDP and/or FTP) and stores it on disk for further processing. A set of commandline tools offer immediate conversion, text display and other quick manipulations. The original format is preserved so it can be re-processed at any moment.

LEMF Conversion and Analysis

Conversion and Analysis

The stored traffic is automatically converted to various human-friendly formats for further inspection in the LEMF GUI. For example, telephony calls can be played back with the built-in player and e-mails are made readable. Results can be conveniently downloaded for storage and later reference.

LEMF Target monitoring for end-to-end testing

Target monitoring for end-to-end testing

The LEMF end-to-end testing feature adds functionality that allows an operator to use the LEMF as a full end-to-end test environment. Based on intercepted traffic that is automatically generated by the network, the LEMF will trigger alarms when no traffic was received for a configurable amount of time. This feature allows an operator to monitor the full lawful interception chain.

Monitoring rules can be in-depth configured and the resulting actions are flexible as well: send e-mail, send a monitoring trap or create your own script that talks to your NOC systems.

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