We deliver the industry-leading lawful interception solution, based on open source components and running on your preferred off-the-shelf x86 hardware platform or (NFV-based) virtual servers.

Built around an open RESTful API, our EVE solution offers cost-efficient and reliable lawful interception compliancy for communications service providers.


EVE Benefits

  • Compatible with electronic warrant interfaces (HI1)
  • Integrates with any type of network
  • Compliant with all standardized handover interfaces
  • Serves multiple Law Enforcement Agencies from one solution
  • JSON-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Virtualization and 5G/NFV ready

Built to scale

EVE is modular, scalable and suitable for the largest carrier environments. Over 70 different Interception Functions integrate with virtually any network vendor on the market.

The Interception Functions cover specific areas of your network and/or specific services (e.g. mobile circuit-switched, mobile packet-switched, residential voice, residential IP, e-mail, etc.).

Depending on traffic load and geo-redundancy requirements, one or multiple Delivery Functions can be deployed to collect the intercepted traffic from the Interception Functions. A single Management Function administers all Interception and Delivery Functions.

LI Built to perform

Built to perform

5G brings high bandwidth to the UE and lawful interception needs to keep up with that. Our decade-long experience with high-speed interception assures that 5G interception compliancy is not an issue.

Software performance is not only about speed though. We enforce strict guidelines on our GUI to achieve user-friendliness, low page-loading times and prevent mistakes. We show detailed metrics to help you manage system health and find performance bottlenecks. Our bundled installer helps to have a complete system running in 60 minutes.

LI Built to resist

Built to resist

Anything in an integrated environment may fail and we know that. That is why EVE is geo-redundant, includes automatic backups by default and self-heals where possible.

When an error cannot be handled automatically, EVE will notify your NOC. Our continuous integration development process results in automated testing of every change.

LI Built to be secure

Built to be secure

No default credentials, keys and certificates. Automated periodic integrity checks on all network functions. A thorough code review process. A detailed audit trail of all changes. Permission-based user groups.

Just a few items out of the never-complete list of security properties we find important when building and running compliancy software.

LI Built to comply

Built to comply

Because we attend every meeting of ETSI TC LI and 3GPP SA3-LI, we know what is happening in the compliancy standardization community and can actively contribute to the standards.

This means that you will benefit from the most compliant solution on the market. EVE has been tested with all law enforcement equipment that is out there.

Our attendance ensures we have a clear vision on changing requirements and allows us to adapt on-time.

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