About EVE compliancy solutions

With a lawful interception solution that's actively used since 2001 and with global installations at networks covering millions of subscribers, EVE compliancy solutions (formerly known as Pine Lawful Interception) is the leading player on the European and US markets.

EVE compliancy solutions aims to be the reliable partner for our customers where they need to comply with law enforcement requirements. We are reliable, open, honest and expeditious.

EVE employs only highly skilled personnel with proven track records within their field of work. EVE is a full member of the ETSI committee for Lawful Interception (TC LI). In this committee, EVE delivers the vice-chairman and acts as rapporteur of the handover specifications for messaging services (TS 102 232 part 2), intercepted IP traffic (TS 102 232 part 3) and IP Multimedia/VOIP (TS 102 232 part 5).

In a number of regions, EVE works with experienced local integration partners. Partner staff is thoroughly trained in the installation and use of our product lines and offer regional support on hardware and first-line support on the software.

Our History

  • 1997: started as Pine Internet
  • 2001: first lawful interception customers
  • 2003: continued under the name Pine Digital Security offering both security and LI related products and services
  • 2012: split off as Pine Lawful Interception to focus solely on LI products and services. The security services unit continued as Pine Digital Security
  • 2015: Pine Digital Security was sold
  • 2016: continued as EVE compliancy solutions to offer a broader range of (LEA) compliancy related products and services